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A Partial Teaching on Regulation 4

Effort is important


This relates to the effort to discover the Life Task of the Atma during the Janam by the intelligence through Japp, JAAP and Dhyaan (meditation).

The effort relates to the number of times OMNMNKAAAR is recited, vocally, audibly and the intensity with which it is remembered.

Effort and Intensity both contribute to the actualization of one Kann of spiritual energy.

The size of the Kann of spiritual energy received within the person leads to a filling up of the energy store within the body plus the creation of an equivalent sized virtual sphere that goes into the communication tube between GOD and the Soul.

Effort also means Mehnat, which means the amount of work done by an individual in any sphere of endeavour.

When you request GOD for anything HIS reply is “Pehle tu kar”; “You start with the effort”.

In this context, PARAMATMA is instructing the person making that request to do two things.

  1.  First to start remembering HIM through OMNMNKAAAR, which will bring HIM next to you so that HE may place one Nano particle of Ashirwad on each of your needs.
  2.  Second, GOD needs you to start the work for which you have made the request so that HE may observe your success.

When you succeed, PARAMATMA wants you to claim the credit for that success. HE is happy at your excitement when you achieve.

Effort is vital in any and every activity.

Effort is important.


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