The Teachings

A Partial Teaching on Missed Opportunities



GOD gave a body + mind to the Atma and said I will send opportunities for you.


The Opportunities

When I wake up in the morning, in that little pause between waking and sleep, I open my eyes and look up.

I ‘see’ a little twinkling window above me. When I stretch my hands up towards that little window, it opens a little and comes down towards me.

I stretch my hands upwards. The window opens wider and I ‘see’ a pair of legs hovering above the window.

I push my hands up. The window expands and I see a bird flapping her wings.

Stretching beyond my own self, I touch the legs of the bird.

The Bird stretches her legs downwards. My fingers go around the legs.

I grab tightly. The window opens. The Bird of Opportunity starts flapping her wings strongly and pulls me up.

With effort, I push and I pull, struggle and finally climb onto the back of my bird.

It rises higher and higher till I am soaring above the world, in a place all of my own.

My opportunity is mine.


Missed Opportunities

When I turn away from that little twinkling window, it retreats upwards.

Soon enough, the window goes up, up, and up; all I am left with is a tiny little twinkling light in the sky.

My bird of opportunity goes up along with her window, into the sky, and shows herself to me – a star!

Missed opportunities are the stars I see in my little bit of sky.

The more stars I see, the more were my missed opportunities.


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