The Teachings

The Regulations for The Teachings


A Partial Teaching on Regulation 6

Avoidance of Self-Inflicted loss of benefits available is important – it is the only form of self-inflicted injury




PARAMATMA has given my Atma huge quantities of benefits for the body, the mind and the Soul.

I need to use all the given benefits for all three elements of my being.

I need to draw upon the benefits earmarked for my Atma.

I have been taught to be selfish, to be arrogant, to be obstinate, to be prideful, to be egotistical, to claim knowledge and understanding that I do not have.

I (mind) am consumed by my own ego.

I am my own worst enemy.

I deny GOD.

I deny, avoid and disregard the Grants given to my Soul.

I deny The Teacher and The Teachings.

I harm myself daily by committing sins.

I activate The LAW of Consequences for myself.

I inflict punishment on myself.

Every denial of my own benefits causes me harm in two ways:

  1. My Atma will have to face more Joonis
  2. My body + mind will face trouble and pain during the physical presence in Janam.

The more I deny my Atma the benefits due to her, the more severe are my self-inflicted punishments.


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