The Teachings


The LAW of The TENTH Part

“Give yourself the TENTH Part of all that you Earn, Acquire, and Receive”

A Partial Teaching on The Fabric of Social Interaction


The LAW of The TENTH Part |

  1. The visual representation shows the dimensions of the social fabric in which I exist.
  1. The arrow going from me to each of the other Nine Right Holders indicates my duty towards each of them whether actual or potential.
  1. The arrows coming from each Right Holder back towards me is an indication of the actual benefits received to date.
  1. Wherever I have already received the benefits from a particular Right Holder, then my duty towards that Right Holder is in the form of my payback.
  1. Wherever the Right Holder is not yet in existence, my duty consists of a fiduciary responsibility to preserve and to deliver as and when such a Right Holder comes into existence for me.
  1. The benefits that I would receive from such a Right Holder would also be in the future.


The LAW of The TENTH Part has been discussed to understand its different aspects in the form of several Partial Teachings as listed below:

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