The Teachings

Articles of The COVENANT of The Last Few Words

Article 9

“The Teacher is responsible for everything in the physical universe”


The Teacher is responsible for everything in the physical universe.

Everything an individual receives from GOD will be received through The Teacher.

The individual has to Surrender the will and Submit the being to GOD through The Teacher as long as The Teacher is Incarnate in a physical body. This is defined as Worship.

The Teacher has the responsibility for everything in the physical universe.

The Teacher has authority over everything in the physical universe.

The Teacher is the First Born Atma and has been tasked to convey The DIVINE Teachings.

When GOD decides to help society, PARAMATMA makes The Teacher available to the world.

The Teacher is the only conduit for:

  1. All Atmas in Janam.
  2. All Souls in Joonis.

The Teacher is only present in one human body at any given time.

The Teacher is given a physical body for the purpose of delivering The Teachings where His birth takes place.

The Teacher lives in Incarnation according to the society in which He is born.

Comment 1: The Teacher is the first born Atma of GOD.

Comment 2: It is this singular Soul, who has been appointed as The Teacher for the entire Epoch wherever PARAMATMA may place Him.

Comment 3: Whenever GOD feels the necessity of delivering The DIVINE Teachings and their explanations, interpretations, and applications to the people in Janam, HE places The Teacher in a body+mind in that area.

Comment 4: When The Teacher is placed in a physical body+mind The Teacher is said to be in The Incarnation.

Comment 5: Each Incarnation is known by His given physical name.

Comment 6: This name is given by the physical parents of The Incarnation at birth in the simple exercise of the right given to every set of parents.

Comment 7: Since GOD cannot be present in the physical universe at all times, HE has placed the responsibility of being HIS representative on The Teacher for the complete epoch.

Comment 8:   To enable The Teacher to carry out His responsibilities in the physical universe, GOD has given authority over everything in the physical universe to The Teacher.

Comment 9: The Incarnation lives in and is known as part of the society where He takes birth in a physical body+mind.

Comment 10: When an individual wishes to move forward on The Path of Light, he or she must submit and surrender to The Incarnation.

Comment 11: Each individual making any request to GOD can do so through The Incarnation as an act of worship.


Every time The Teacher is here in Incarnation and delivers The Teachings, changes must happen.

Comment 1: Society and aware individuals must guard against imposters who will flourish during every Incarnation.

Comment 2: For great good is never achieved without great effort.


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