The Teachings

A Partial Teaching on Greeting Someone with OMNMNKAAAR Namoh



Article 3 of The COVENANT

“When you need me, you remember me by my name OMNMNKAAAR”

The Promise of The COVENANT

“When you remember me by my name OMNMNKAAAR, then I will come there to satisfy your need”

The First Greeting

When you meet someone for the first time in a day, you must greet him or her with:


The Result

When you remind someone about the name OMNMNKAAAR, then PARAMATMA manifests immediately at that spot.

That is the promise to you contained in the Article stated above.

Meaning of Namoh

Namoh is a request addressed to GOD directly seeking an Ashirwad.

GOD takes note that you have asked for a Blessing when you say OMNMNKAAAR Namoh, because Namoh is addressed to PARAMATMA.

The Benefits

A blessing from PARAMATMA in response to OMNMNKAAAR Namoh consists of one nano particle of spiritual energy on each of your needs at that point of time.

Each Ashirwad earned directly from GOD brings benefits to the Atma, to the body and to the intelligence within that body.


When you address GOD directly with OMNMNKAAAR Namoh, PARAMATMA is pleased and immediately rises to bless you.

An Ashirwad from GOD is an expression of love and benevolence to the Atma and the body+mind.

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