The Teachings

A Partial Teaching on Duties Associated with The Name of GOD



PARAMATMA has said that whosoever needs, wants or desires to obtain any Benefits from HIM, or connect with HIM should remember HIM through the vocal recitation of HIS Name  OMNMNKAAAR.

GOD has also specified some Duties, which are linked to HIS Name  OMNMNKAAAR.


First Duty

Whoever comes to know the Name of PARAMATMA is to inform every person whom he or she meets about HIS Name  OMNMNKAAAR.

To do this correctly, every individual is required to use the following words:

PARAMATMA kehte hain:

“Jab tere ko zarurat hai tu mujhe yaad kar mere naam se  OMNMNKAAAR”

Or in English

GOD says:

When you need me you remember me by my name  OMNMNKAAAR

As soon as I inform an individual or a group of people, my First Duty is complete.


Second Duty

This Duty comes into existence when the person who has been informed asks me or makes a request as to what he or she should do with that knowledge or how should he or she use the Name OMNMNKAAAR for his or her benefit.


I am to say words to the effect:

‘Please join me as best as you can while I recite the Name of GOD


for a few minutes.’

Thus, your Duty is to demonstrate how OMNMNKAAAR is to be spoken or recited to remember GOD through the phonetic sounds of the letters of HIS Name OMNMNKAAAR.

I can also recite HIS Name whenever I have the need, want, or desire.

I can also recite HIS Name whenever I have the opportunity or some spare time.

When any person performs his or her duty and recites the Name OMNMNKAAAR along with other people, GOD manifests.

However, you may not be able to see or become aware HIS presence because you may not have reached that stage of spiritual elevation, which would enable you to see GOD in HIS eternal RADIANCE.

An individual who performs his or her duty and helps another person or persons to recite the Name of GOD earns additional credits for every recitation of OMNMNKAAAR that the other persons contribute.


People will ask you all sorts of questions.

Any further query or queries are to be referred to The Teacher.

Simply say that I am also learning and I am not competent to give answers.



Recite OMNMNKAAAR  at every opportunity.

When you meet someone tell him or her about the Name of PARAMATMA.

When someone needs to learn the correct way to recite HIS Name, help him or her through example.


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